The LA are financing the building of the new school, but the school has to raise extra funds to provide some additional requirements to ensure the children at Ashmount school receive the best education possible.

Follow the latest progress here; or contact the school to see how you can get involved

See what Ashmount’s local MP has to day about the new school and the appeal:

“I am delighted to support the co-location of a new area special school for Loughborough on the Thorpe Hill campus. Ashmount is already rated as an outstanding school and the move will enable it to look after, and support, a greater number of pupils in a modern, spacious environment alongside a mainstream secondary school. This will be a beacon for social inclusivity and sharing of services. There is a widespread desire for the Loughborough area to be renowned for its academic excellence for students of all ages and abilities and this move is a key step towards achieving that goal. I do hope that you can support Ashmount’s fundraising plan, as I will be doing.”

Nicky Morgan MP