Hand me another bolt

Week 16 saw the beginning of the steelwork rising out of the ground. It all seems like a gigantic Meccano set (for those of you who remember them), with the steelwork arriving, the crane lifting and the workman fixing and bolting it all together – and hopefully someone following the instructions carefully too!


Bolting together sections of steelwork over the staffroom

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The two ‘buckets’ are sitting in the (not yet dug out) swimming pool.


This looks like a bit of fun!

The main service pipes are now in from the main entrance up by the road all the through to the site. The yellow pipe is for gas and two blue ones for water – one is ‘metered’ for all the water we use, the other, an ‘unmetered’ one for the fire sprinkler system which will be fed from it’s own separate underground tank close to the school building.


Service pipes – yellow for gas and blue for water (metered and unmetered)


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