The Dance of the Diggers

With the arrival of the New year there’s a bustle of activity on the field behind Charnwood College. The access road has been laid; the site buildings are all in place; and the machinery  and their operators are hard at work.

view up the access road

view up the access road

The view below is underneath the main car-park. The big tanks will collect all the surface water; store it temporarily and then release it at a set rate into the drainage system. It’s required to make sure that all the drains don’t get suddenly overwhelmed with too much water that they cannot cope with.

part of the retention system under the main car park

part of the attenuation system under the main car park

Throughout our visit to the site diggers were hard at work either digging, filling or leveling. It was like the ‘Dance of the Diggers’ with the the silhouettes of their arms stretching out against the setting sun. Only a few more sunsets and it will all be complete . .

Please don't dig me up too

Please don’t dig me up too

The Dance of the Diggers

The Dance of the Diggers

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